Welcome to International Institute of Naturopathy and Permaterapy (IINP)

What is Permatherapy?

Permatheraphy is a permanent healing method which combines other natural therapies and associate spiritual therapy. Permatherapy is based on the fact that every living being’s complications and ailments have remedies whatever it is. It also believes that all living beings have their own inbuilt power of prevention, healing and wellness. When the mental and physical defense mechanism or resistance power does not work and restorative attempts fail then the normal function of the organs is disturbed. Hence it influences the whole body systems. Healing happens naturally if there is no interruption in normal function of the organs of the body.

The principles of permatherapy:

Permatherapy builds beneficial relation with plants, animals and humans.

Permatherapy accommodates the healing properties of water, air, food and energy.

Permatherapy is not only for humans but also for other living beings which are some how connected with humans.

Permatherapy is an integration of traditional healing knowledge and methods with modern scientific research.

Permatherapy is synthesis of all traditional healing techniques, modern medical sciences and philosophies from the origin.

Permatherapy is a synthesis of all other therapies practiced in the earth from the ancient time.

Permatherapy only educate the client but not prescribe any medicine for healing

Permatherapy is originated from the origin of human civilization and culture when there was no therapy.

Permatherapy believes that every complication has remedies, human and animals have their own defense mechanism from any diseases

Permatherapy believes that there will be no complications if humans lead their life in a proper way and are careful about their foods, drinks and environment.

Permatherapy recognizes that healing should happen naturally from the beginning of the human history.

Permatherapy is a genuine healing art and science in the healing kingdom and it associates all elements of natural health.

Permatherapy recognizes the principles of permaculture that supports natural health and wellness.

Permatherapy uses current safe medical technology and ancient healing discoveries

Permatherapy in a nutshell:

Permatherapy is a permanent healing method, technique and culture which apply ancient philosophy, indigenous and traditional knowledge as well as modern scientific research and natural medical sciences. Permatherapy is one step further than any other therapy on the earth because it integrates available therapies with spiriotherapy.